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    aerial Tetons, P-David Bowers

Thats a big claim, I know.

Why will this be the greatest snowboard in the world? Because it will have you as the primary source of inspiration and it will be  your passion for snowboarding that will help guide us.

What scares you? What stokes you? What makes you so excited to ride tomorrow that you can’t sleep? Knowing the answers to these questions and many more will help us create a board that is adapted to you. It may seem ambitious to think that this could be the greatest snowboard you will ever own, I know. Imagine hopping on a board and within four turns you realize that this board already knows you, almost anticipates you and even makes you a better rider. This is not achievable with a generic shape and flex of a mass-produced board. Only a board built with you in mind will this be possible.

With over 35 years of coaching, teaching, training and guiding, the focus is on you and how you interact with your board. This is the foundation of a Franco Tailored Shape. This is why this board will be the greatest snowboard you’ve ever owned. It was made from your head down to your feet.

“But I find that for myself, without exception, the more I deal with the work as something that is my own, as something that is personal, the more successful it is.”

-Marian Bantjes


From swallowtails to roundtails, from pins to twins and anything in between, check out some of the shapes that Franco has collaborated on with clients from all over the world.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”



From swallowtails to roundtails, from pins to twins and anything in between, check out some of the shapes that Franco has collaborated on with clients from all over the world.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Take a look


At Franco, we build every board with these parameters guiding our every move, every ingredient and every detail: performance, look, feel and durability. From American hardwood cores and house-cut veneers from the slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to high-tech ingredients like titanal, basalt, flax and carbon fibers, bio-resins and finally a beautiful hand-sprayed finish. And made in America, of course, at the base of the Teton Range.

“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”
– Charles Bukowski


For Jackson Hole locals, the letters RPK mean something very important: It is the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol snow forecast for the following day. The higher the number, the more snow predicted.

The RPK line is an ode to the men and women who make one of the worlds greatest mountains a safe testing ground for every design I make.


RPK represents the most popular shapes we’ve made without the hassle and wait times of ordering custom.

163 Batwing 2, Dyed Blue Veneer for Michael L

Think of Made To Order as “Custom Lite”. For those that want a selection to choose from but don’t require a fitted shape.

!63 Swallowtail, Urethane sidewalls, Titanal Inlay for Mike F

This is true custom. Width, length, flex, shape, materials, artwork and more. Like a fine Italian suit, this board will be made to fit you perfectly.

Franco Experience

The next level in board shaping. In-person consultation on-snow with early trams, face shots and your very own fitted shape to take home.


For existing Franco Fitted and Franco Experience customers.


It All Started When…

My story as a snowboarder began in Pennsylvania in 1984. Since then, I’ve been a rider, instructor, coach, trainer, guide, shaper and everything in between.

I’ve spent 26 of these years in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’ve been fortunate to watch snowboarding evolve in its own soulful way, uninterrupted by the terrain park style that dominated every big resort in the world. Big lines, backcountry pow laps and the artful expression of free riding have always been at the heart of Jackson Hole and its riders. It’s what we do here.

I decided to start shaping boards after a season-ending injury that happened shortly after landing in Tokyo years ago. This is when I met Taro Tomai, the founder of the legendary Japanese brand Gentemstick. This meeting changed my life. The beauty, the curves, the finish and the intentional design of Taros shapes was what I had been looking for for a long, long time. This is what snowboarding was destined to be, I thought. At that moment I had a new mission: to bring the Gentem style of “snowsurf” to the U.S., only with a uniquely American take and an American made board.

From Japan I headed home to begin a lifelong pursuit of shaping snowboards. I began my apprenticeship under the guidance of Michael Parris and Mot Gatehouse of the infamous Igneous Ski Factory in Jackson Hole. After training four years under Michaels guidance,  I set out on my own. I now design, shape and finish my boards at the Maiden Factory, also located in Jackson Hole.

Many people have helped me, guided me, influenced me and tutored me over the years. And to these friends, peers and family, I have tremendous gratitude. Especially, Shaun Cattanach from Burton, Mike Parris, Mot, Mike Tierney from Igneous, Taro Tomai, Domi Churiki of Gentem and all the “shapers” and crafters of snowboards worldwide. And, of course, without the original shapers like Sims, Burton, Barfoot, Milovich, Olsen, Saari, Grell, Troppman, Linkman and Sherman Poppen, who knows where we would be?

Now it’s time to shape some boards, because, as a very dear friend used to say to me, ‘tomorrow we RIDE!’


Franco Portrait

Mikey Franco

Founder/Lead Shaper

Woody Stone

Woody Stone

Shaper/Robot Builder

Ian Haney

Ian Haney

Shaper, welder and in-house MTB master

Collin Schauerman

Collin Schauerman

Shaper/Architectural engineer and whitewater machine

Don Watkins

Don Watkins

Shaper, Search and Rescue machine and Super-Dad

Tai Williams

Tai Williams

Shaper/Master Welder and doer of all things


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